Little houses with tiny mushrooms and little mushroom houses have been on my mind for a while and here are the results. I loved making them and they all sold rather quickly. I took this as a sign that others love them too. I’ve already started working on new ones and they will be in the shop soon.

Autumn shop update tonight

I hope you will like the new autumn-y houses that will be available in my Etsy shop tonight.

You are welcome to “visit” the houses that will be available here, on my facebook page.

You can check the world clock to find out what time it is in your area.

Next  week, a  whole city of Halloween houses are getting ready to make their debut on the blog and in the shop. I can’t wait!

A long recap post with pictures


I finally managed to put together the photo recap of this year since now. I don’t like my blog layout anymore, so I think i will change it to make it a pleasant place for me to share things again:)

But until then, here are some pictures of things I did and liked these past months.

1. Just before New Years, we visited Les Catacombes de Paris after waiting in line in the rain for 2 hours. But it was really cool and something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

2. On one of the first days of January, knowing that we will be leaving the Paris region for Lyon in a few days, we went to Disneyland to take advantage for one last time of the special ticket price reserved for the people leaving in the Ile de France region. Disneyland is fun even in the rain. And Christmas decorations and lights were still up.

3. Then we quickly moved to Lyon and started exploring the new city which was kind of depressing those first few grey and cold months . But still beautiful enough. I mean… there are swans living on the Rhon river, who wouldn’t be happy about that?

4. The spring came and with it long walks in the beautiful Tête d’Or Park.

5. … and bike rides out of the city.

6. We found a “pick your own” farm not very far and took full advantage of strawberry season.

7. Went to see the Romanian female handball team trying to qualify for the Olympics. They didn’t :(

8. I saw for the very first time this type of “perpendicular” parking, or “smart” parking like a friend said (that being a Smart car…) It made me chuckle.

9. I’ve spent three weeks in July in my hometown of Timisoara, Romania enjoying the city, my family and friends, but not so much the non stop very hot weather of almost 40° C. The second photo is from one of my favorite places in Romania, Baile Herculane.

10. Back in France, we spent a couple of Saturdays in the Alps, my husband climbing mountain roads on his bike and I was taking pictures and driving on very scary roads. The photos are from Alpe d’Huez and Galibier.

Now I’m looking forward to autumn with all the goodies it brings and I’m keeping busy working on many little houses that will show up in the shop soon.



Hey blog, wake up and smell the roses!


I mean…. the poppies! Except they don’t smell, but they sure are beautiful!

This is my wake up call too, I decided I’ve been quiet for too long and even though I’m sure I won’t be too talkative, at least I can share some pictures from my new town – Lyon and also bits and pieces of what I’ll be doing this summer.

See you soon with some random stuff that happened so far this year.

Happy Holidays!

Printable gift tags and a little sale in my shop

I can’t believe autumn is over already, this month just flew by! And because December is just around the corner with lots of celebrations and gift, I thought I would share some gift tags I designed, maybe you will find them useful when the time for wrapping gifts comes.

You can download them here   (You can get Adobe Acrobat Reader here )


In other news, there’s still a Cyber Monday sale in my etsy shop all day today. You can get a 15% discount on your order with the code LITTLEHOUSES during checkout.

You will also receive a coupon for a 15% discount during January and February of next year. 

The sale is now over, thank you for everyone who purchased something!

Happy Halloween!

Autumn in the forest


These photos are from 10 days ago. The forest was still mostly green. Now the lovely autumn colors are starting to show and it looks beautiful. I must capture them one of these days. How’s your autumn like?

Swans of Anarchy

It seems I keep neglecting my little blog here. So, to make up for it, here are some pretty swans photographed while on vacation last August on Lake Geneva/Léman.

End of Summer Sale

Summer is almost over and I think a sale at my Etsy shop would be a good idea, to make room for new houses and other surprises. I’m looking forward to this exciting autumn season!

To take advantage of the sale and get 15% off your entire order, enter the code BYESUMMER2011 at checkout.

The sale will run from one week, starting today, September 5th until Monday, September 12th.

Thank you and happy shopping!