Little houses with tiny mushrooms and little mushroom houses have been on my mind for a while and here are the results. I loved making them and they all sold rather quickly. I took this as a sign that others love them too. I’ve already started working on new ones and they will be in the shop soon.

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10 Responses to “Mushrooming”

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are amazing!!!!! No wonder they sold out quickly! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more in your shop :)


  2. rodi says:

    Thank you, Janee! :)

  3. Jule says:

    They are truely adorable and I’m glad that I own one.

    but every time I see a mushroom, I also think of:


    don’t you?

  4. I’m SO glad I ordered some tiny mushrooms, I collect your little creations like treasures! I want to keep them in perfect condition until my daughter will be big enough to cherish them too :-)

  5. rodi says:

    Thank you so much, Anne-Julie! I hope you will like them in person and your daughter will like them too, later :)

  6. rodi says:

    Oh, I forgot the Smurfs (or the Schtroumpfs as I knew them growing up) lived in mushroom houses! Thanks for reminding me, Jule, I loved them so much :)

  7. Ila says:

    Grazie per essere passata da me!
    Queste casette sono qualcosa di meraviglioso: adoro la vena poetica che racchiudono.

    Sottoscrivo il blog via mail, così sono sicura di non perdermi nulla in futuro!

    Ciao e buon lavoro!

  8. jorge says:

    Hola Rodica..
    me gustan mucho tus miniaturas.
    Yo tengo algunas muy parecidas,un dia las publicare.
    Enhorabuena. :-)

  9. Wendy says:

    I just discovered your little houses and these mushroom houses are especially adorable.

  10. rodi says:

    Thank you, Wendy! Your comment might just be the little nudge I needed to redesign my blog and start posting here again!

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